Discover the magic of the holiday season through our exclusive Christmas decoration rental service. From stunning Christmas trees to cozy accents of greenery, our rental collection is designed to help you create the perfect holiday ambiance without the hassle of maintenance or storage. Whether you wish to adorn your public space, a busy lobby, or a large commercial setting, our rental service guarantees a stress-free, holiday experience customized to your needs.

Close up of a Christmas decorated tree with silver ornaments.

Our Rental Collection

We specialize in providing high-quality Commercial Christmas Greenery that creates the perfect holiday atmosphere, for both indoor and outdoor use. Our fixed rental collection includes:

  • Trees: From grand centerpieces to cozy accents, our Christmas trees come in various sizes and offer customizable decorations to perfectly match your style and space.
  • Wreaths: Add a touch of holiday spirit and enhance your doors, walls, or windows with our beautifully crafted wreaths.
  • Garlands: Highlight your entryway, accent the architecture, or lead the way up the staircase, our lush garlands add warmth and elegance to your holiday display.

Each year, our rental collection offers a selection of exclusive motifs. Get in touch with us to take part in this year’s collection.

Benefits of Renting your Christmas Décor

Choosing to rent your Christmas décor comes with significant benefits:

  • Variety and Flexibility: Renting allows you to switch out your decorations annually, keeping your holiday display fresh and exciting.
  • Affordability: Renting holiday décor can be very cost-effective, especially for businesses seeking high-quality decorations without the upfront investment.
  • Convenience: Take all the hassle out of the holiday with our additional rental services, including design, installation, and maintenance.
Outdoor Christmas decorations for rent.

Where We Serve

Our rental services vary depending on the size of your project:

  • Nationwide Service: For projects exceeding $150,000, we provide nationwide service. Whether you’re in Houston, Chicago, or NYC, our premium holiday décor is delivered right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the country.
  • Regional Service: For budgets up to $25,000, we cater to clients within a four-hour drive from our New York or Mid-Atlantic offices, ensuring prompt and effective service.
Entrance of a building with holiday Christmas lights and trees.

Additional Services

To make your holiday season as stress-free as possible, we offer a range of additional services:

  • Design: Our team of expert designers make sure to create a dazzling holiday display tailored to your space and preferences.
  • Installation: Sit back and relax while our professional team handles the setup of your holiday décor, ensuring everything is perfect from the start. Delivery is included in the installation.
  • Maintenance: We provide support and maintenance throughout the holiday season to keep your decorations looking their best.
Giant Christmas tree with two reindeer on the side.

Flexible Options

We understand that every client has unique needs, which is why we offer both lease and ownership options for our Commercial Christmas decorations:

  • Leasing: Looking to refresh your holiday look after a specific period? With our lease Christmas decoration service, you can enjoy beautiful holiday décor without a long-term commitment. We offer flexible lease programs for 3, 4, 5, and 7 years.
  • Ownership: Invest in our premium holiday décor and enjoy it for years to come. Perfect for those who want a consistent holiday theme year after year.

Ready to Create Your Winter Wonderland?

Let’s bring the holiday magic to life with our premium Christmas décor rentals. Contact us today to rent your Christmas decorations and discuss your project.

Christmas Decoration Rental FAQ

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