A Wish to A Wow

As with any good story, the crux of American Christmas is best summed up by 6-questions: Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Do it, When We Started, Where You See Us and How We Operate.

Lets go quickly through each one as we do our best to explain this incredible story of ours.

Who We Are

We, along with our parent company MK Illumination are the largest provider of Festive Lighting in the world. Our more than 50-year history has earned us vast knowledge of materials and a keen understanding of the importance of execution as a cornerstone of our success.

What We Do

We provide turnkey end-to-end solutions for incredibly complex and intricate displays used by an ever growing list of customers & client types including: Retail Stores, Building Lobbies, Offices, Corporate Headquarters, Hotels, Malls and more.

Our services include design and development, manufacturing & assembly, distribution, installation, removal, refurbishment and storage.

Why We Do It

Many don’t know that a business like this even exists, but for us, the business is our entire world. It takes deep expertise and knowledge to execute projects of this scale, many of which can take upward of 12-months to see through from start to finish. In short, our clients rely on us every step of the way and we are here for them.

When We Started

American Christmas started in 1968 as an offshoot of a business selling artificial plants and flowers created by our founder Marvin Schwam.

Where You See Us

Our work is on full display at some of the most famous Christmas sites in the US. From The Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens Angels, to The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, to Saks Fifth Avenue, if you’ve ever been to New York City during Christmas time you’ve seen our work.

How We Operate

Today American Christmas operates as the US representative of parent company MK Illumination, which acquired American Christmas in 2017. Our headquarters in Mount Vernon New York, features a 110,000 square foot facility, powered by nearly 70 full-time employees. Broadly speaking most clients will go through a 6-step process when they work with American Christmas.

Take a Peek into Our World

One Team One Dream

American Christmas, LLC
New York Office

30 Warren Place
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

American Christmas, LLC
Mid Atlantic Office

8250 Preston Court
Jessup, MD 20794



American Christmas, LLC new york office

Dan Casterella, CEO: dcasterella@americanchristmas.com
Human Resources: mlamela@americanchristmas.com
Robert Soloff, Business Development: rsoloff@americanchristmas.com
Michael Marino, Sales: michaelm@americanchristmas.com

American Christmas, LLC Mid Atlantic Office

Craig Casterella, Managing Director: ccasterella@americanchristmas.com